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03 April 2018 @ 11:33 pm
 Another sign of spring here is that K-O the Kangaroo of the Brockton Rox baseball team is getting more active again! Today at the main public library, we had K-O partake in an open house and meeting the Downtown Brockton Museum and Historical Society was putting on, since we wanted to spread the word about the Rox more.

Here's a cute shot of K-O peeking around in the library building...

As part of his Downtown Brockton Museum, the owner has set up a small exhibit of Brockton Rox-related stuff. And yes, in 2003 the Brockton Rox became the Northeast League Champions, and only in their second year of existence (it was also the first year they introduced K-O, hehe.) Additionally in 2011 the Brockton Rox team set a world record for having the world's most expensive hot dog, which I remember very well from my concession days (look it up on Google to see what I mean!)

A couple publicity photos of K-O posing with displays for the Downtown Brockton Museum and its' related Downtown Fest car show we have each autumn.

At one point today I also had K-O pay a visit in the children's room of the library. Not a lot of kids in today, but the ones that were there enjoyed seeing me! And I thought it'd be fun to get a photo of K-O reading an appropriate book, as a photo like this could be useful for the library or the Brockton Rox...

In the conference room the Downtown Brockton Historical Society held their meeting at, I saw the podium stand and figured it made for a great photo opportunity for K-O!

I've also got an appearance this Thursday! But in the meantime, K-O is staying over at my new place...

Yeah, like I said, new system with the Rox staff and such. This was the first time I've had K-O in my new house! And so of course K-O is checking out my record library...
But now I'm getting tired, so I think I'll get ready to hit the hay. Good to have K-O back on this blog again, mates!