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10 August 2014 @ 12:14 am
A day out in Boston  
So today, my friend and I set out to go to Boston Comic Con, but the thing was, we did not buy our tickets in advance, like last year, and went in the line to buy them. But unfortunately, after traveling into Boston by train, and then going from South Station to the world trade center via Silver Line bus, and then waiting in line for almost TWO AND A HALF HOURS, some guy tells us that we can't go into the convention today unless we have bought our tickets in advance! Imagine our disappointment! So we bought our tickets for Sunday and would come back then. But since we had time to kill, we figured I could show him a couple of places I like to go to, with me still in costume (as I couldn't find a place to change yet.)

First, here's a picture of that morning's CapeFlyer express speeding through the Campello MBTA station...

I was surprised that it was being pulled by one of those older (and louder) GP40MC locomotives from the 1970s, but it was still REALLY FAST. I even felt a bit of sand or whatever blown in my face from the speed of the train! (These trains also have a second locomotive at the other end; this one had an F40PH.)

Now, here's an interesting photo of me riding the Red Line subway IN COSTUME (hehe).
Sorry the photo is blurry; the train was moving at the time and it's hard to keep still on those subways!

We had lunch at the Five Guys' burgers and fries restaurant near the Boston Common, stopped by at New Millennium Costumes and then the In Your Ear! record store. A lot of people liked my costume, and they were cool with me being dressed that way, being the weekend of Boston Comic Con and all. (The Maltese Fur Con has yet to grow to that level.)

Now to rest up for the actual visit to the Boston Comic Con!