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09 February 2014 @ 06:25 pm
Sesame Street presents the Beatles, er, I mean the BEETLES!  
To honor the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' debut on the Ed Sullivan Show, here is one of Sesame Street's many rock groups: The Beetles!

Their debut song is also my favorite one they did: "Letter B." Not only was it appropriate given the letter of the alphabet that "beetle" starts with, but it also made for a clever parody of "Let It Be!"

This segment is from 1979, and the song was written by Christopher Cerf of "The National Lampoon" fame. The late Richard Hunt performed the lead singer, and you also hear his partner the late Jerry Nelson providing the weird Cockney-accented announcer voice at the start (think Dick Van Dyke in Disney's "Mary Poppins!") I also like how you keep hearing wild screaming girls in the audience, as it adds more to the Beatles resemblance! Also at 1:36, the drummer then suddenly starts drumming in the standard Muppet fashion!

Here's another fun song parody featuring the Beetles from 1980, this time "Thinking of U":

They sound even MORE like the Beatles in this one. I also enjoy Jerry Nelson's even weirder opening announcement here (he tries for a Liverpool accent in this one) and the drummer's "It's 'U', lads! Run, or we'll get crushed!"
mejeep deMeep ferretmejeep on February 12th, 2014 06:00 am (UTC)
ack! too clever!
THAT is the magic of Sesame St: stuff for adults to enjoy that totally goes over the head of the tots!

So we have U B. Now for IWERKS :-)

I was kinda expecting a Spinal Tap treatment of the giant "U" that's only 18 inches tall instead of 18 feet! Or for it to tip over and become a giant horse-shoe magnet like the one in Batman that trapped them in the suits of armor! (or perhaps suits of amour for Valentine's day).