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03 December 2018 @ 11:28 pm
Today marks the 40th anniversary of the premiere of one of my favorite holiday specials: "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" from 1978!

Take a trip back in time to 1978, when Elmo wasn't on "Sesame Street" yet, Mr. Hooper and David and Olivia were alive, the music was groovy (especially that opening theme!) and all the Muppets in this special had their original performers (especially since Caroll Spinney recently retired).

Note the opening sequence that involves the cast ice-skating, along with full-bodied doubles in costumes for the Muppets ice-skating, from Holiday on Ice, and they do look rather odd...

But at least we get to hear Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Jerry Nelson dub in their respective character voices!
Imagine if "A Muppet Family Christmas" nine years lateropened with ice-skaters in costumes of the Muppet Show Muppets, taking up nearly nine minutes of the special? 

A sweet scene has Big Bird ice-skating with this girl, Patty. Big Bird has trouble at first, but once he gets the hang of it and skates with Patty, "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano starts playing! (And I recently bought the song on 45, too.)

Here's a hilarious bit where a game of "Snap the Whip" goes horribly wrong, and Oscar the Grouch goes flying, crashing through walls in his trash can and tumbling down stairs! Oscar isn't hurt though; rather, he enjoyed it!

I also really love this song, "True Blue Miracle."

Ernie and Bert also do their own version of "Gift of the Magi," but with a happy ending involving the late Mr. Hooper...

I also love it when Ernie and Bert sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Interestingly, Jim Henson and Frank Oz performed the song together again nine years later on "A Muppet Family Christmas"...

...but this time as Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy!

Yet another way for me to relive my childhood at Christmastime...
Current Music: The groovy opening theme to "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street!"
30 November 2018 @ 11:39 pm
Early last week, CNN aired a "This Is Life with Lisa Ling" episode that talks about furries; the fifth season finale no less! My parents watched it and I watched it with them; they found it pretty informative, being the parents of a furry. Overall, the episode gave a very positive and accurate portrayal of furries, breaking that sexual stereotype many people still associate them with. My parents already knew somewhat about the truth of furries, thanks to sharing my experiences with them, and then this Lisa Ling episode clinched it even more for them.

The show explained about how a lot of these furries often deal with anxiety in real life and may have social problems, and being a furry is a fun way to get away from it all and be more outgoing, especially as a fursuiter. Since I have Asperger's Syndrome, I could totally relate to this. I still do have some anxiety, often from bad memories of when I was in public school, though at least I've had numerous friends during those years and still keep in touch with many of them through FaceBook and such. And when I was working at Sprawlmart I had anxiety relating to the job. So the furry fandom was always a nice gateway for me.

It opens with Lisa saying to think back on your childhood, like if you first met the characters at the Disney theme parks. For me that wasn't until I was almost twelve years old when my family and some relatives went to Disney World, and I remember being very impressed at all the different characters that were there, even fairly obscure ones like Gideon the Cat, Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham!

And she says if you remember watching cartoons as a kid and the happiness it brought you...

Hey look, a clip from "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown!" One of my favorite Peanuts movies since childhood!

And there's Scooby-Doo in the classic episode "Hassle in the Castle!" Only a minute in and it's already taking me back to my childhood.

And look! There's the Disney villain I often cosplay as: the Big Bad Wolf, seen in old Disneyland home movie footage from the 60s! This is when Lisa says that entire industries are built on this (making children happy). She then asks, "What if you never grew out of that feeling? There are people whose affinity for animal characters never went away."
Geez, it's like she's been reading my mind. I mean, I just turned 30 years old three weeks ago and that feeling/affinity never went away. I don't even FEEL 30 years old (I still feel like I'm in my early 20s or something.)

She also mentions how furries have gotten a bad rep over the years, and how the media has given a negative and/or stereotypical portrayal of them, not surprisingly including a clip of that infamous CSI episode...

I finally saw bits and pieces of that episode early this decade, and found it to be a bunch of malarkey. Seriously, a blue cat named "Sexy?"

First, Lisa interviews the furry known as Leila Spaniel. One thing that's always kept her calm from her anxiety is dogs, so she got a job as a veterinarian, and she then got married to a dog lover that also has anxiety problems. Though her husband doesn't really want to be a furry, he doesn't mind Leila's choice and hobby, and is cool with it. That reminds me of how my female friend is about my being a furry.

Here's Captain Boone, who went through a traumatic experience working with the military and lives alone in the woods away from most people. But when he's in his fursona, it's different.

This fursuiter has the lupus disease, and is usually very troubled, but when she and her boyfriend fursuit together, she's more social and outgoing, and it's easy to forget her illness and just have fun with her, and that's what's important.

Now HERE'S a fursuiter I have met in person: Telephone! It was nice to see her featured on the show as well. I met her at Anthro New England 2017, without even knowing at first what a big furry celebrity she is!

We get scenes at Anthro NorthWest 2017. Here's Captain Boone, at his very first furry con, and he has a great time.

Here's a bit when Lisa Ling is talking abotu early furry action. Check out the Wile E. Coyote fursuiter! A very good likeness! Here's his webpage about the Wile E. costume.

She even mentions that there are even children who are furries! That is all too true; at this year's Anthro New England I saw quite a few young fursuiters and I was quite impressed.

The fursuiter couple interviewed earlier goes to a fancy ball at Anthro Northwest, and at one point, the male fursuiter proposes to marry his girlfriend, and she accepts! Isn't that sweet? (It reminded me of when one of my furry friends also proposed in fursuit at Anthrocon 2002; pretty cool stuff!)

As the credits roll, the episode (and season) shows Lisa Ling even getting in on the fursuit action!

So yes, being a furry is NOT all about sexual stuff. It's about art, interests, having fun and being creative. I do have to say, this decade (the 2010s) has been pretty good to the furry fandom, gradually giving it a more positive light, and I couldn't have picked a better time to start going to furry cons!
As I mentioned, I first began to realize I was a furry after reading about them online in 2002-2003, and I had already been into cartoons, cosplay and dressing up. Even when all three are combined into one, like the Ape Man disguising as Scooby-Doo; that had quite the effect on me back then, and now look where I am! Then the clincher for me that I was a furry was Halloween 2004 when I dressed up as Wile E. Coyote and had the most fun I ever did when dressing up as Halloween!

I was almost 16 years old then. It also helps that earlier that year I had befriended a few cosplayers and Halloween/mask buffs online who also turned out to be furry, and was soon instant messaging with them fairly regularly. I'm still in touch with many of them, almost 15 years after. Isn't the Internet amazing?
And speaking of the Internet, for some non-furry friends of mine online who didn't know about my being a furry initially, I made a YouTube video that explained it in a fairly truthful and accurate, albeit silly, manner...

What better way to do so than with a clip of fursuiting as a wolf produced by Warner Bros. Animation in the 40s?

The furries in this episode have all created their own characters. During this decade, I did come up with two of my own fursonas. One is Sydney Kangaroo, that I even have a costume of currently...
sydneykangarootest - - 1.jpg
It's a tad primitive, but I hope to at least make an actual fursuit head for him soon and start bringing it to cons!

My other current original fursona, I co-developed with another fellow furry I hit it off with online...

This is Zak Wolf, making his LiveJournal debut! He's based partly off Disney's Big Bad Wolf (Zeke) along with many other classic cartoon Big Bad Wolves, like the ones Friz Freleng came up with for Warner Bros., or those Columbia/Screen Gems Cartoons wolves Billy Bletcher voiced, along with a couple features like the wolf from Disney's "Peter and the Wolf" and Br'er Fox!
Maybe I'll do a fursuit of this guy some day, along with the new head for Sydney.

It'd be fun, but I still enjoy cosplaying as the Big Bad Wolf at furry cons, and at any other cons I go to like Anime Boston and Fan Expo Boston Comic Con, where such a cosplay/fursuit isn't too out of place!

In fact, speaking of the Big Bad Wolf, I bought a neat record of a song I never heard of before during a recent Boston excursion: "The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin." It's by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, as a follow-up to their hit "Li'l Red Riding Hood" (which I also own on 45) but wasn't as successful. It's a fun little song I couldn't resist buying (when I found it I immediately looked up the song on my phone before purchasing the record), and I just had to have the Big Bad Wolf pose for a picture showing the record! Maybe it'll make for a fun future furry convention masquerade sketch...

I hope this was very informative and fun for you all!
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
24 November 2018 @ 11:43 pm
Well, today was Brockton's annual holiday parade that K-O the Kangaroo got to partake in again, after the Rox didn't last year. It was nice to be involved with the parade again! My brother and a few of my friends came to see the parade as well. I had done the holiday parades for 2013-2016, and as I mentioned, the Rox did not get involved with the parade last year, but this year they did. With the new system and management, I brought the suit over to the assigned lot area where my ride would be. I had to change in the nearby YMCA building, but at least they had a nice mens' locker room for me to use! A more athletic type of area for a sports mascot to change in and out of. I was a big hit with the crowds, especially the kids! There were a few tail-pullers and "Guess the Species" types, but I'm used to that by now, as if you didn't already know. But I loved it when kids would run up to hug or high-five me! There's kind of a feeling I get inside when I make the kids happy as K-O, and the Rox knows I enjoy it and am very good at doing so!

In the float going in front of my ride, the church sponsoring it was doing a Noah's Ark kind of theme, and had church members wear those plushie Maskimals of animals two-by-two, including a pair of tigers, llamas, black sheep and wolves! Not bad gear for a chilly November day, if I say so. Of course, I was much warmer being in a full kangaroo fursuit. But it was still cute! (And it's funny there were a couple of llamas, given how I've had quite a few mistake me for a llama, including today.)

For the parade this year, K-O the Kangaroo rode in that cool 1968 Dodge Polara he previously rode in at the 2013 and 2014 holiday parades! It's good that some things don't change. And we know how much K-O loves classic cars!

A couple shots of that "Noah's Ark"-themed float in front of me with the Maskimals.

And here's me in the parade! My brother took this shot. As we got nearer, I knew my brother would be at that spot, as he's usually there with his girlfriend when they watch the holiday parade each year, and I could also hear his voice before I saw him. Of course, my brother and his girlfriend know about my mascot work and they think it's cool. It was fun waving to everyone from the moving convertible, and when the driver would rev the engine for show! (There's often quite a few classic cars in the parade every year!)

After the parade, I hung around downtown a bit to greet and entertain fans and spectators, knowing it'd make them happy. I'm not wearing the Santa hat here, as it was kind of loose (I just slipped it over one of my ears) and so after the parade I just stuffed the hat into my pouch so I wouldn't lose it.
You know how the seasons in the Southern hemisphere, where Australia is, are the opposite from here in the Northern hemisphere? Well, seeing a Christmas tree while there's no snow around reminded K-O the Kangaroo of his summer-like Christmases in his homeland! Except for the fact that it was much cooler out here, but for me that doesn't matter much when in the suit!

Yep, the holiday season is now starting to get underway for us, especially now that Thanksgiving has come and gone (many retailers just see Thanksgiving as "pre-Christmas," ugh.) The guy I know from the downtown Brockton history organization was at the parade as well, though he's currently moving his operations into a space much closer to my college campus. In fact, he and I are getting involved with my college's production of "A Christmas Story," opening next week! He's really into vintage Christmas stuff and likes to get involved with the community, and so I figured he could be a good help. Plus, I enjoy helping bring my all-time favorite Christmas movie to life!
22 November 2018 @ 11:06 pm
Anyone who's familiar with the Brockton Rox baseball team may remember that in 2003, the Rox won the Northeast League Championship and even got a trophy for it! During the off-season of 2003-2004, the Rox did a publicity stunt on their website, claiming that K-O the Kangaroo had stolen the trophy on Halloween night and was taking it back to his homeland of Australia and across the world, to keep the young fans and even older fans entertained. For that Thanksgiving, the Rox had an amusing post that I was able to find again thanks to the Internet Archive...

Greetings Rox fans!
I just finished taking part in the American holiday, "Thanksgiving." I tell you, I'm pretty ThankFULL for a day that gives me occasion to stuff myself! Since this was my very first Thanksgiving, I wanted to do it in style. Luckily for me, the organizers of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade contacted me last month about having the Northeast league championship trophy and mascot participate. They wouldn't tell me what part the trophy and I would be performing, but I assumed it would be no less than grand marshal of the entire parade. Turns out the Garfield balloon had a tear in it, and since my body shape was so similar, they had me take his place. After strapping some ropes on me, they tried to pump me full of hot air so I'd float. I assured them that I was already full of it, and managed to levitate by my own will.

(Sorry for the crummy resolution, blokes, but the Internet Archive isn't always reliable with saving images!)
Following the parade, I tried a pumpkin pie, some cranberry surprise, stuffing, a turkey, some brownies, mashed potatoes, another turkey, summer squash, apple pie, a ham, a decorative centerpiece, and yet another turkey. When I go back to Australia, I'm going to petition the parliament to make Thanksgiving a national holiday on Kangaroo Island!
It was a Ton of fun, but I'm off to my next adventure. Until then, remember...never tickle skunks!

Now how about that? Of course, since NBC virtually ignores the balloons and floats in their TV coverage of the Macy's parade nowadays (focusing on all of those lip-synced musical numbers and guests instead), K-O or the Rox probably wouldn't want to do that again. (You'd have to tune to CBS to see it!)
It was a fun little publicity stunt, but of course, the changes in management over the years has also changed how they do publicity in and out of the season with the mascot, but at least I try to make an effort to make it back like the early days. And for the 2004 home game opener, K-O the Kangaroo arrived via helicopter, returning the trophy like he promised!

It was fun stuff. And K-O is going to be in Brockton's holiday parade this Saturday, so stay tuned to see that!
Happy Thanksgiving, mates!
Well, today's a big milestone for Disney: the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse! They've been going all-out in celebrating...

I wonder how they'll top this for the 100th anniversary in ten years? I do enjoy seeing that cool articulated Mickey Mouse head in action. And I do enjoy the look of the new Mickey Mouse heads; it's a lot closer to his animated counterpart, except for the eyebrows, which he only had in animation from the 50s to the 80s, but still did in illustrations and various print material since then. Seeing that version of Mickey in a 70s disco outfit ESPECIALLY reminded me of the record jacket artwork for "Mickey Mouse Disco!"

Still love this record, along with the follow-ups: "Mousercise," "SplashDance" and "Rock Around the Mouse!" I have them all on vinyl, along with some of them on CD and cassette as well, for good measure!

But I also shot a vlog as the Big Bad Wolf today relating to a more minor Disney milestone today: the 30th anniversary of "Oliver & Company"'s theatrical release, a movie that really changed things with Disney's animated features, and in a way doesn't feel very Disneyesque! (Though it's not as un-Disneyesque as "The Black Cauldron," though.) And since it was one of those underappreciated Disney animated features with a rather large fanbase, I figured I could have the Big Bad Wolf commemorate this anniversary (and mention Mickey's 90th birthday as well) with a vlog, including showing off the read-along book-and-audio adaptation that recasts most of the voices...

By this time, the record division was now called Walt Disney Records, and they were only doing read-alongs on cassette, and the soundtrack album to "Oliver & Company" was the last soundtrack release on vinyl from Disney Records until the recent resurgence in vinyl and the soundtrack release of "Frozen!"

And there's your Disney trivia post for tonight!
12 November 2018 @ 10:45 pm
The entertainment world is abuzz today with the sad news on the passing of Stan Lee, creator and founder of Marvel Comics. He was 95, so I kind of knew this was coming, but not this soon!
Of course, I've already known quite a bit about Marvel Comics since I was a kid, since my dad is a big comic book/superhero fan and still is. My parents have also gotten their photo taken with him at Boston Comic Con 2015. That year, I did manage to catch a quick glimpse of him passing through the room I was in to his photo session, with me in my Big Bad Wolf getup! I doubt he notice though, even if Disney bought Marvel Comics in 2009.

Here's what may have been Stan Lee's first cameo appearance (as he was often famous for in Marvel movie adaptations), in the 1989 Muppet Babies episode "Comic Capers" featuring a Spiderman segment. Since Marvel Productions co-produced Muppet Babies with Jim Henson Productions, it was fairly easy...

And it's funny how Disney owns the rights to the Muppet Babies as well, in addition to Marvel Comics!

And when the Spiderman movie from 2002 was coming out, Stan Lee made a guest appearance in an episode from around that time, where he was portrayed as being a little kooky and showing strong dislike from DC and other competitors. As the Comic Book Guy says, "I'm starting to think his brain is no longer in mint condition." This concludes in a scene when Homer, doused in green paint and in a rage, is acting like the Incredible Hulk, and Stan Lee isn't having it...

I always found it hard to believe when someone dies. In a way, it's like he or she is still with us, and in another way, he or she isn't.

Oh well. Farewell, Stan Lee. Excelsior!
07 November 2018 @ 10:54 pm
Well, today is my birthday, but not just any... my 30th birthday! I really can't believe I hit the big Three-O now. I'm kind of reminded of the "Full House" episode from the first season when Danny Tanner turned 30 years old, but I'm not in the same kind of position and such Danny was then. I still live with my parents and am looking for a computer/I.T. -related job to get my career path going forward. And I certainly don't feel 30 yet; I still feel like I'm in my early 20s, or maybe even late teens. But I have grown in some ways during my 20s; I am going to college for a computer information systems degree, I can drive (but I don't have my own car yet), I can go into Boston by public transportation on my own, I pay for my share of the family mobile plan each month, I've gotten more technically advanced with computers, and I can even go to conventions on my own.
It also doesn't help much that my parents apparently wish I was still a kid; but they do so with my brother as well.
Maybe once I get a better job that has a really good source of income, and my brother and I move out of our parents' place and get our own apartment, I'll feel even more adult.

On the lighter side, I filmed a new Big Bad Wolf vlog where i compare the book version of "The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday" with its' TV episode adaptation that I did a YouTube Poop of...

Oh, and before I close out, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Hallmark makes birthday cars that include 45-RPM records now!

Amazing, isn't it?
04 November 2018 @ 11:00 pm
Hey, remember six or seven years ago when I posted about a busy and dangerous intersection behind my high school and the nearby Brockton Rox stadium that was still using these old pedestrian crossing signals?

Even after Brockton updated most of their traffic light equipment to use LED signals in autumn 2003, these old pedestrian signals remained as-is, with the incandescent "WALK" and "DONT WALK" lenses. By the early 2000s, these were no longer permitted for new installs, as the orange hand and white walking body symbols had become the norm here in the USA, and the fact that these were incandescent particularly didn't help. Half the time, the "DONT WALK" light would be burnt out. Fortunately, I've crossed at that crosswalk so many times, especially during my years in high school, that I had timed the intersection's signal cycles in my mind. "WALK" would be on for seven seconds, and then "DONT WALK" would flash for fourteen seconds before going solid. But even by 2004-2005, I figured that this intersection could really use countdown pedestrian signals, as they were starting to appear more across the country at that time for use at such dangerous intersections. During that time though, countdown signals weren't as common as they are today. The state of Massachusetts first got them around 1997 or 1998 at a really dangerous intersection in downtown Quincy. And Brockton got its' first countdown signals in December 2011.

Starting around 2014 or 2015, there were plans to redo that intersection somewhere down the line. In fall 2015, the old pedestrian signals got replaced (due to a housing problem, according to a technician) with a temporary solution before the big redo could happen (they used a simple LED hand/body signal to replace each of those old "DONT WALK"/"WALK" signals.) Then this autumn, they finally started redoing the intersection...

And of course as part of it, they FINALLY put in countdown pedestrian signals at this intersection. Amazed it took them so long, but I'm glad they finally did so. Especially since countdown signals are becoming much more common; Brockton has eight intersections wih them now; all busy or dangerous ones (one has the signals yet to be turned on, though).
Note the black material over the other signal; initially, only one crosswalk at this intersection had pedestrian signals, and it remained that way until this weekend when they turned on the other countdown signals...

They even have those fancy audible/tactile pushbuttons for the visually impaired; there are a few other new signal setups with them here in Brockton, along with outside my aunt's high-rise near my college.

Here's a before-and-after video of sorts I did of the pedestrian signals at this intersection, showing how much they've changed during this decade...

I'm glad they finally are taking the right direction here. I wish it was like this when I was attending high school!
31 October 2018 @ 11:20 pm
Well, Halloween has come once more! But this year, it was quite different from the past Halloweens. For one thing, my college did not have the usual Halloween party they'd do. Instead we did a couple different events; in the Student Union they did a "Scary-oke" thing and a photoshoot setup you'll see in a bit. But I still went to the campus in my Big Bad Wolf fursuit though!

My getup also had a few differences, most notably the new top hat and footpaws, along with the replacement whiskers I installed this summer. One great thing about autumn at my college, besides Halloween, is seeing all the trees get very colorful foliage. Another advantage of living in New England! And of course, I was there in the fursuit, I couldn't resist getting such a photo! Doesn't that look nice?

Here's me in the Student Lounge. A lot of people enjoyed my Big Bad Wolf fursuit, including the new top hat and footpaws, though I did get one person mistake me for Goofy (again?), and another for Pete! (I told him it was probably because Pete and the Big Bad Wolf have the same voice actor.) I even got to show the fursuit to two of my teachers this semester! (Currently I don't have any classes on Wednesdays, but I still enjoy participating in several Student Life events!)

I mentioned that in the Student Union at my college today, they had a Halloween photoshoot where you pose in front of a chromakey screen for the picture and then you're placed on the Halloween-related background of your choice! Naturally, I couldn't resist picking the background that showed Linus Van Pelt in the pumpkin patch, waiting for the Great Pumpkin as usual! Even though the Big Bad Wolf is usually far from sincere...

This year, the theater department and radio club at my college also hosted a Halloween Open Mic reading in the Fine Arts building, and I found an amusing monologue on an acting website for me to perform that has the Big Bad Wolf in the "Three Little Pigs" story as a well-meaning building inspector! You can see it here...

After that, I stopped at the nearby comic book store in my Big Bad Wolf fursuit.

They currently have a box of older kids' comics on sale for $2 each, and so I thought why not do so while in costume as a character that appeared in many of Disney's comics? Here I point out how the Big Bad Wolf has also often appeared in Disney comic stories that aren't just ones focusing on him and his son or the Three Little Pigs; here he appears in a story featuring Scamp from "Lady and The Tramp" where he meets up with the kittens from "The Aristocats," and the Big Bad Wolf has an antagonistic role in the story.

As you may already know, last December my family and I moved to a newer house on a much quieter side street in our hometown, and so we thought we'd take advantage of things we could not do at our old house, like our decorated garage and front yard, and of course I gave out candy to the trick-or-treaters that came to our neighborhood while in the fursuit.

We got a pretty nice crowd tonight! A couple of neighbors told us when we were getting ready that they typically don't get very many trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood, being on a dead end connected to a circular road and all, but we ended up getting more than they expected! Though I was ready at 5 PM, which is when the little ones usually go out first, we didn't start to see trick-or-treaters until around 6 PM when it got significantly darker, and unlike our old neighborhood, we had trick-or-treaters coming to our house as late as 8:30 PM! (On our old street, things pretty much die down right before 8 PM.) I think our decorations and my Big Bad Wolf fursuit helped made for a pretty effective trick-or-treater magnet!

Similar shot to the previous one, but this time without the camera's flash, to show how the lights appear with our decoration setup.
My dad tried to help out throughout most of the night as well, initially trying to interfere with my act before realizing his mistake and just watching from a distance. He was kind of concerned when a group of high school-aged trick-or-treaters came for some candy, thinking it could lead to trouble, but thankfully not so much. There was also a whole family dressed as characters from the "Toy Story" franchise (I complimented, "I'm old-school Disney, and you're new-school!") One family had a toddler dressed as a werewolf in a cute hooded costume, saying he was a "little bad wolf!" How adorable! And of course I had quite a few kids and a couple parents mistake me for Goofy yet again ("Does Goofy have fangs like this, and a tail like this, and does he chase after the Three Little Pigs?") Another person thought I was supposed to be a Scooby-Doo werewolf of some kind! But it was still lots of fun.

Here's a picture of me in my Big Bad Wolf fursuit posing with our front yard's spooky decorations as it got dark on Halloween night. Our inflatable lighted ghost tree looked straight out of Toontown, so I couldn't resist getting such a shot!

Wait, what's the Big Bad Wolf doing here? Is he looking to leap out at trick-or-treaters from behind a tree in his classic style? Or could he be trying to lure the Three Little Pigs with some Halloween candy?

I even got to shoot a little video of this for my YouTube channel!

Yep, we had gotten a lot more trick-or-treaters than we're used to, and am enjoying it! But now that Halloween's wrapping up, it's time to start looking forward to my birthday one week from today, where I turn the big three-O! Hope you all had a good one!
Today marks another unsung animation milestone I'm celebrating here on LJ for you all: the 40th anniversary of the premiere of the CBS television special, "Puff the Magic Dragon!" It was produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson (yes, the same studio behind the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" animated series), based off the song by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) and Leonard Lipton, and originally aired on CBS on October 30th, 1978. It starred the late Burgess Meredith as Puff.

I've always loved this cartoon special since I was little, but looking back, it's a very obvious product of the 1970s. I can't believe I can still remember watching this when I was three or four years old, and now I'm almost 30, yet I don't feel that old. Even hearing Puff tell Jackie Paper near the end that he must face growing up and most likely growing out of "childish fancies like dragons," unless absolutely necessary.
I'm also positively sure that Jackie Draper is autistic, with the way he just sits there at first, not saying or doing anything, and those three old-timey doctors at the start (note the lead doctor is voiced by Frank Nelson!) just say the case is "hopeless." Back then, autism was not very well-known and was a rare case, compared to today. I love how Puff takes Jackie Draper's "living thing", merging it with a paper cutout of Jackie to make Jackie Paper (get it?) Then after their adventures, where Jackie has found his courage, Puff returns the "living thing" to Jackie Draper and leaves. To which Jackie Draper can now talk and function more! It's such a sweet ending, seeing Jackie talking and embracing with his parents.

And there's your obscure animation post for tonight! Happy 40th, Puff the Magic Dragon!