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10 August 2014 @ 11:58 pm
Boston Comic Con 2014!  
So today, my friend and I FINALLY got to go into this year's Boston Comic Con. And I got plenty of pics too.
This morning I headed over to the Campello train station and waited for the 8:40 inbound train into Boston. At one point, I heard a distant train horn from the other direction, and sure enough, it was the CapeFlyer Express speeding by again...

Then I got on the right train when it arrived, met up with my friend (going as Ranma Saotome) and we headed into Boston. At South Station, we changed into our costumes, got on the Silver Line bus, and since we had purchased our tickets/wristbands the day before, we got into the line for VIPs who had done so. It was only a 20 minute wait (including the LONG walk to the end of the line, which trailed quite a bit; but they wanted the line to keep moving quite a bit anyways.

You won't believe the compliments I got! Some wanted to take pictures with me, and a few said that my costume was quite original, and there were still quite a few who thought I was Goofy. (So to that I tell them, "Does Goofy have fangs like this, and a tail like this? And does he chase after the Three Little Pigs?") Fortunately there were others who knew I was supposed to be. I guess I stood out quite a bit in the crowd, cosplay-wise...

Here I am meeting MAD Magazine artist Sergio Aragones! He also did some work with Simpsons comics, so I had him sign a couple of comics he worked on. (He even drew a little Homer head on the one I'm handing him!)
He also liked my costume. He even sang some of the Spanish version of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!"

From the Newbury Comics stand. Apparently now they sell rubber animal masks! I saw some others walking around the con wearing them (mostly kids.)

Me checking out a latex squirrel mask. I bought this one; never can tell when it'll come in handy!

Naturally, when I saw a girl cosplaying as Jessica Rabbit, I couldn't resist taking a photo like this with her! After all, we know what 'toon wolves think of pretty girls!

"Look, it's me!" I bought this issue of Walt Disney Comics and Stories I bought (Issue 490, 1981). There's a couple of stories in it featuring the Big Bad Wolf, so naturally I had to take this pic!

Me trying on one of the horse masks, since I've seen a bunch of people using them online...

And speaking of masks, Oneail FX Studios was back this year! Look at their lineup of silicone masks here. One of my friends is also getting a mask of a certain CGI cartoon character made for him by this company...

Someone from the company was also there wearing their "serial killer" silicone mask. I initially had no idea at first that it was just a rubber mask until I saw him over at their booth and quickly figured it out. Sure was impressive!

Co-owner Jeremy Oneail wearing their "Devourer" mask...

Me wearing the same mask! It sure was heavy, and felt a little funny at first, but it sure felt incredible, almost feeling like a second skin at times! Can't wait to soon buy a mask from them once I get more cash (their demon sure looks cool)...
May also commission a Scooby-Doo mask from them too or something...

"It's OK if it's not movie quality!" That line references a movie I enjoyed, "Step Brothers" (where Chewbacca masks are rather prominent in it.) This guy was quite into the role!
(And now both of us characters are owned by Disney in some way!)

One group of people naturally wanted to take pictures, since they had someone cosplaying as Little Red Riding Hood. Naturally, I couldn't resist! So here you go...
(Glad they knew I was supposed to be the Big Bad Wolf too, unlike some of those that thought I was Goofy.)

Here I am about to partake in a battle with a Pikachu! (there were quite a few Pokemon cosplayers here!)
Cue the classic Pokemon fighting music!

I was pleasantly surprised to find some records on sale here too! I bought a 45-RPM single of Twisted Sister's cover of "Leader of the Pack," and the 1984 "Alvin and the Chipmunks" TV soundtrack LP album (with songs from the Ruby-Spears show, including their covers of songs like "Surfin' USA," "Uptown Girl" and "Beat It.")

Me with someone cosplaying as Inspector Gadget...

Barf of "Spaceballs"...

...and a "Planet of the Apes" prisoner!

The Big Bad Wolf and Gaston both team up to try and get Belle! (Hey, there were also some wolves in "Beauty and the Beast" anyways, so why not let ol' Zeke here get in on the fun!)
It sure was interesting being among the few Disney cosplayers here at Boston Comic Con :)

Me with another fellow fursuiter, Crescent. We both noticed there seemed to be quite a bit of a "lack of fur" that day, but that's why they've got us to spice things up!

Would you believe there was another Jessica Rabbit cosplayer too? Gotta take what I can get! :D *wolf-whistles*

And here's the Big Bad Wolf on the train back to Brockton! (though I later changed out of the costume to avoid worrying any of the other passengers)

Sure was fun! Now my conventions to go to are finished for this year, and the Brockton Rox season has wrapped up. So there will be probably some off-season K-O gigs to tend to, and then in a couple months it will be that wonderful time of year: Halloween!
(Then next February I will go to Anthro New England!)
C Eagle: bc_eagle on August 11th, 2014 04:21 am (UTC)
Great photos and good times... awesome report!