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03 May 2015 @ 11:34 pm
Here's a cool LP album I bought off eBay. It came in over a week ago, but due to my busy schedule I haven't been able to show it off until tonight.
This record is titled "Cartoon Disco," performed by "the Disco Band" and released by Musicor Records in 1978 (though the tracks were recorded as far back as 1976.)

Yup, it has a disco instrumental version of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" on it, hence my posing with it as said Wolf. Other familiar tunes include "The Mickey Mouse March," "Popeye the Sailor Man," "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah," "the Woody Woodpecker Song" and more, even a cover of "Disco Duck!"

Also worth of note, the "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" and "Chim Chim Cher-ee" tracks later showed up on Disney's own "Mickey Mouse Disco" record in 1979! (I also has a copy of that, too, as you may have seen.)

The album is also available for download on iTunes, under its' reissue title "Saturday Morning Fever." Check it out!"
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24 April 2015 @ 11:46 pm
Well, today the MBTA had a "customer appreciation day" of sorts, where you could ride all their services free for the day! And since I wasn't working that day, it was just perfect, so I took advantage and spent the day in Boston! Did some railfanning with a couple more train buffs first...

Here's that old MBTA GP18 locomotive again, mainly used as a yard switcher. As I mentioned, during the winter they were using this to plow the snow. This photo was taking from the train I rode in on as we were pulling into South Station.

I also went to North Station for railfanning as well. Not as nice as South Station, but I saw some interesting stuff.

Five years ago, the North zone did not have any of these newer F40PH locomotives (built in the late 80s and early 90s.) Now they have a bunch of them! Of course, this type of F40PH is very common on the South zone (most trains I see running on the Middleboro/Lakeville line, including on my way to and from Boston today, are powered by this type of locomotive.)

On the left here is a much older F40PH locomotive, from the early 80s. It still has its' old paint scheme! (The newer F40PHs, like the one next to it, are in the "lightning stripe" paint scheme also used on the GP40MCs and MP36s.) They're also pretty noisy!

And of course here's a new HSP46 locomotive. There are quite a few of them on the North zone as well.

Then after I took that pic, another train pulled in, this time powered by a GP40MC locomotive. They still have a lot of these up North as well. With one of them next to the old F40PH, it sure got noisy by that point!
The MBTA plans to retire their older F40PHs and several GP40MCs in favor of the HSP46s.

Then I went to the Barnes & Noble at the Prudential Center, bought a couple books, and a new copy of the Beatles Red Album on vinyl! (Yep, Barnes & Noble now sells records too!)
Then of course I went to the In Your Ear! record store, and bought a LOT of vinyl there.

And of course on the way home, at South Station I saw another new Amtrak ACS-64 electric locomotive! They seem to be getting more of these now. And I see them on a lot of Amtrak's promotional material nowadays, too.

It's also worth noting that this is the first time in a while I've been to the Boston area WITHOUT my Big Bad Wolf fursuit. And it's going to be that way for a while (so the Wolf doesn't scare anyone or get in trouble), until Boston Comic Con comes around in August! (The Maltese Fur Con will be in Waltham this year.)
09 April 2015 @ 11:15 pm

So yes, I heard two days ago, we've lost another vetearn cartoon voice actor: Stan Freberg. He was 88 years old. He did quite a bit of voice work for Warner Bros. Animation (but not as much as Mel Blanc or June Foray!) Here is one of my favorite performances he did, the 1957 Looney Tunes cartoon "Three Little Bops!"

The jazzy soundtrack sure is awesome, and the wolf character is pretty cool.

"Ooh, you cool! Ooh, you cool! Ooh, you cool, man, cool!"

I have it on DVD, and it has voice-only and music-only audio tracks as well. Unfortunately, at the near three-minute mark, the music-only track just goes right back to the regular cartoon audio with dialogue and singing. I am guessing the rest of the soundtrack couldn't be found at the time of restoration.
07 April 2015 @ 11:41 pm
Today marks the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite childhood animated films: "A Goofy Movie!"

I was six years old when it came out, but I wasn't aware of its' existance of when a friend of my mom's who used to watch over us during the summer had put on the video at her house. I sat down and watched it, enjoying it quite a bit. And why not? It's Goofy!
By the end of that year, it had become one of my all-time favorite animated movies. It's got great songs (I especially love "On the Open Road" and "I-2-I"), a fun summer/road trip story, and more! It wasn't part of the official Disney animated features canon, as it was based off the Disney Afternoon TV series "Goof Troop/" The animation production was done in France, Australia and Canada, but it looks pretty good!
Unlike "Goof Troop," Max and P.J. are now teenagers in high school! (I'm guessing they were freshmen.) And they also have a cool friend named Bobby (voiced by an uncredited Pauly Shore!) and Max has a crush on a cute girl named Roxanne.

I remember high school being full of kids like that.

I like the pianist here from "On the Open Road." Because he resembles Goofy, my brother and I joked that he was Goofy's rival.

There's a wolf in it too, but he's a prisoner in a paddy wagon. No matter, he's still pretty cool!

These nuns keep appearing throughout the movie. I always thought maybe they were stalking Goofy and Max?

There's also a fun scene at "Lester's Possum Park," which is a combination of the Country Bear Jamboree and Chuck E. Cheese's!

That scene started my love of Chuck E. Cheese parodies.

However, the film has not been released on Blu-Ray yet! It is on DVD, but the current DVD edition out is 15 years old! It's not even in its original widescreen aspect ration! (I should know; I own a copy of it.)
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04 April 2015 @ 11:34 pm
Today was a day I've been looking forward to all week: the day I go to Anime Boston 2015! Naturally, I went as the Big Bad Wolf, as non-anime cosplayers go to these things as well. It was held at the Hynes Convention Center, which was also the former location of Boston Comic Con until 2013, when they were relocated to the Seaport Trade Center.

First off, this was a HUGE convention. Even bigger than Boston Comic Con, it seemed! I got up early and rode in on the 8:40 AM train into Boston, changed into my costume at South Station, then rode the subway to the Hynes center, and I was there! I had registered a couple weeks prior, so getting my badge was a snap.

I didn't partake in their masquerade, as it's for anime-related acts only. But I still had lots of fun, and there were so many things to do...

I wasn't surprised there were a number of Pokemon cosplayers there as well. Here I am with Team Rocket and their stuffed Gyarados!

Jinkies! Velma caught me!

As I said, why should Brock have all the fun? Let the 'toon wolves go gaga over Nurse Joy, too!

Now here's a fun story. I decided to grab lunch right at the convention, as they had a food court/cafeteria of sorts on the first floor. A sign had caught my interest:

I saw one of the dishes they had was a "Three Little Pigs" sandwich, a beef burger with ham, bacon and pulled pork wrapped in grilled cheese sandwiches! Naturally, I thought this would be fun to eat, especially considering who I was dressed up as...
And then, one of the cafeteria workers at the convention center saw me eying the sign, and wanted me to pose for a picture with the Three Little Pigs sandwich! So they had me and a cook do so, and they let me have the sandwich and fries on the house!

Sure was tasty, and filled me up nicely! (Though I took a bit at a time so I wouldn't overdo it, as once demonstrated on "Inspector Gadget.")
Sometimes being a Big Bad Wolf CAN have its' advantages...

After lunch, I saw another cosplayer dressed as a Disney villain, but look who she was...

Yup, Prince John of "Robin Hood!" She even had the Sir Hiss plushie! I also showed her a bit of my YouTube Poop of the film, "Disney Buys Out Hanna-Barbera," and she enjoyed it.

Yeah, I know Vanessa (of "The Little Mermaid") is really a sea witch in disguise (her tentacles were a giveaway), but so what? She's pretty! Plus, it's another Disney villain!

Quite a few furries were here too! Mac the Husky was pretty cool. I also re-met with some other furries from Anthro New England as well.

As I said, there were a LOT of Pokemon cosplayers at Anime Boston, and since Charizard is one of my favorite Pokemon, I thought "Why not?"
Maybe next year if I have a Charizard costume, I can wear that to the convention!

Me with King Godzilla!

Here's me with Sorrel Pandoth, whom I met at Anthro New England.

Me with two more Charizards (one of them is a Mega Charizard X; I know this because my Charizard in "Pokemon X" can take on that form too.) The orange one is another furry I had met at ANE.

My friend Gale Frostbane was there too! It was so good to see her again!

Since the Hynes Convention Center is practically connected to the Prudential Center, I thought I'd hit the mall while in costume, as a number of other cosplayers were too. Nobody seemed to mind, not even when I was shopping in the Barnes and Noble! (I even showed in that Little Golden Book adaptation of Disney's "Three Little Pigs" how the wolf in that book looked nothing like in the cartoon!)

Me with Alfior Otter. He sure was neat!

Me posing with several of the furries!

"Oh no! Vicky!"
There was a group of cosplayers dressed as characters from "The Fairly Oddparents" (which is going to be canceled soon, thankfully.) They even had one dressed like the show's singing sensation Chip Skylark! He commented on my fangs, "Nice shiny teeth!" (referencing his song "My Shiny Teeth and Me")

Then near 5:00, I left the convention center to head for home, still in costume for part of the journey! Here's me at the Park Street subway station...

I had missed the train just as I was getting to the platform (D'oh!) Fortunately I had time to kill, so I had this pic taken of the Big Bad Wolf waiting for the next train. Definitely not something you see every day.
It wasn't until I arrived at South Station where I finally took off my costume, and prepared to catch the train for home. But look what was up front of it!

Yup, it was the first time I ever rode an MBTA commuter train powered by one of their brand-new HSP46 locomotives! Pretty cool stuff. (I wonder how long it'll be before I see an HO-scale model of this?)

So all in all, this was a successful Big Bad Wolf appearance! His next one will probably be at Boston Comic Con this upcoming August. (Maybe then I'll have the rebuilt fur head I plan to comission for him!) But you'll still see him on YouTube, FurAffinity and here for the time being, sometimes with friends of his...

(Yeah, I've been playing with Photoshop quite a bit...)
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30 March 2015 @ 11:41 pm
Yes, I have been aware of this for some time. I just didn't post about it here until now.

This past weekend, a new "Inspector Gadget" reboot series premiered on Netflix. I don't have that, but I've already seen a couple of episodes, as a friend showed them to me. The spinoff is produced by DHX Media, the company that owns the rights to DiC's old stuff (DiC was folded into Cookie Jar Entertainment in 2008, which in turn was folded into DHX in 2012.)
One big difference is the animation:

Yup, it's CGI now. But to be fair, this is GOOD CGI, which is rare in television animation these days. The premise is simple: Dr. Claw has thawed out from the iceberg he was frozen in, and is running M.A.D. again. So Gadget is brought out of retirement by Chief Quimby once again to keep the world safe, and has had some new gadgets installed. There's a lot of futuristic technology involved; Penny (now a teenager) can make a holographic tablet appear out of thin air (as her computer book from the 80s series would be considered too "realistic" in today's world with the technology we have now), and Brain can disguise himself with a hologram unit. Gadget also recieves his assignments on these holographic message thingies, that can still self-destruct, right on Chief Quimby. (I hope Quimby will say "Why do I put up with him?!" on this series after being blown up.)
Another new character is added: Dr. Claw's nephew, Talon:

He's usually the one to carry out M.A.D.'s deeds, and it's obvious he was created as a direct foil to Penny (as it was always Penny and Brain who wound up solving the cases.)

Now, this is not the first time they did a spinoff/reboot of the franchise. Back in 2001-2002, DiC made "Gadget and the Gadgetinis"...

It wasn't too bad, but nowhere as good as the original series (mostly the first season). The new 2015 series is actually a bit better than this, I will admit. Although some things were carried over from this series, like going for a rather kooky, comical version of Dr. Claw, compared to the more serious and threatening version from the original series.

Unfortunately, none of the original voices are involved with this series. I know Don Adams has been dead for almost 10 years now, but I'm also kind of miffed they didn't have Maurice LaMarche reprise the role of Gadget! He would occasionally fill in for Adams in the original show's second season, and also voiced him in the "Gadgetinis" series. Frank Welker, the voice of Brain, Dr. Claw and M.A.D. Cat in the original show (first season mostly), isn't in this either. (Seems all Frank Welker does nowadays is voice Scooby-Doo, Fred Jones, Megatron and his other "Transformers" characters!) Dr. Claw's voice in this show isn't that great, but Gadget's voice is kind of decent at times. Tara Strong now voices Penny, and she's pretty good at it. Cree Summer was Penny's original voice actress for the show's first season, and in fact, she and Frank Welker reprised their roles for a hilarious "Robot Chicken" sketch from 2006 combining "Inspector Gadget" with "The Terminator!"

The intro sequence is lots of fun, being a direct homage to the original show's intro, but the theme music itself isn't that great (again, a slight step up from the "Gadgetinis" theme.)

And so, to counter that, someone did a mash-up of that new intro with the original theme by the great Shuki Levy! (I was actually thinking of doing a video like this myself...)

I also hope this show will bash Corporal Capeman, like some newer Scooby-Doo productions did with Scrappy!
21 March 2015 @ 11:56 pm
Here's another entry/review about a slightly obscure/not-well-known Warner Bros. cartoon short. With Disney's new live-action "Cinderella" already out in theaters, I thought I'd post about a fun later Looney Tunes cartoon that did a twist on the classic fairy tale! The cartoon in question? "Senorella and the Glass Huarache!"

This was the last cartoon produced by the original Warner Bros. Animation studio before it closed in 1963. It wasn't released until August 1, 1964. It presents the original Cinderella story with a Mexican flavor, reminiscent of the Speedy Gonzales cartoons of this period, and was the last one-shot Warner Bros. cartoon produced until 1968, when the studio had reopened by then (albeit briefly.) After this one, DePatie-Freleng and Format Films took over production of the Looney Tunes series until 1967.

This is also not your usual Warner Bros. cartoon. Beginning with Chuck Jones's "Now Hear This" (1962), all new one-shot cartoons by the studio were to be radically different from their usual output. Only two other stylized one-shots like this got made after that: "Bartholomew Versus the Wheel" and this one.

You know it'll be different when it starts up, since it has the infamous 1960s "Abstract WB" opening sequence introduced on "Now Hear This," that later also went on to appear on all new Looney Tunes shorts when DePatie-Freleng initially took over production in 1964 (most notably on the crappy Speedy vs. Daffy shorts and Rudy Larriva's Road Runner cartoons), until Warner Bros. merged with Seven Arts in 1967. And of course, this logo is accompanied by a strange "klunky" version of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" arranged by Bill Lava (a name not very fondly known by many Looney Tunes fans.) Though Bill Lava's music score to this cartoon isn't so bad; it's a little more elaborate than his other scores he's done for Warner Bros. in the 1962-1966 period.

There are two Mexican men in a Cantina. One, who serves as the narrator for this short, is voiced by Mel Blanc, naturally. His friend is voiced by Tom Holland, also known as Pancho of the "Tijuana Toads" and the Japanese Beetle of "Blue Racer," both by DePatie-Freleng.
The skinny one asks, "What is this 'Senorella and the Glass Huarache?'" among seeing the Cinderella poster there. So the narrator tells him it's a sad story, and begins it...

Senorella's sneeze here is actually a recycled sound clip of Bugs sneezing!
As with the other later one shots, the animation style is radically different from the usual Warner output at the time. This short looks very much like a DePatie-Freleng cartoon of the 60s or 70s, like the "Pink Panther" and "Inspector" shorts. Of course, seeing that it's directed by Hawley Pratt, Friz Freleng's main layout artist at Warner, it makes sense, as Pratt directed a lot of cartoons at DePatie-Freleng, and some of the same animators worked on this short as well.

A starving Senorella tries to get a bone from an equally-starving chihuahua, but it roars at her menacingly.

And her wicked "strapmother" and "strapsisters" just laugh at that!

She has cockroaches as friends, that serve the same purpose as the mice in "Cinderella." They even help her with her work, ala Disney's original version!

Instead of a prince, we get this handsome bullfighter, Jose Miguel. His father Don wants him to love a woman and marry, so he sets up a fiesta and invites all the women in the land!

An amusing sight gag on the women getting made up for the party.

The strapmother and her daughters leave for the fiesta. I do like the limited animaton walk here.

Of course, Senorella's fairy godmother arrives. She looks a lot like a fairy from a "Fractured Fairy Tales" cartoon. She turns an old wagon into a first-class coach...

...and the roaches into mules! Their designs look very UPA-ish here. I also like how for the coach and mule spells, you hear the sound of Big Ben chiming accompanying each transformation.

Look how pretty Senorella becomes! As Yakko and Wakko Warner would probably say, "Holaaaaaaaaa nurse!"
She is told to return by midnight, as the story usually goes.

Nice designs here, with Jose Miguel showing no interest in the senoritas at the fiesta...

...until he sees Senorella! Then they both tango for what appears to be hours...

Then of course, midnight comes! Here they just have the church bells ring the Westminister quarters, unlike most versions of the story that have the clock simply strike the hour.
Senorella dashes off, and leaves one of her glass sandals behind. Jose and Don set out to find out who that girl was...

Women go to the Miguel's to see if they fit the huarache, but they don't. More neat designs here.

Then Jose and Don go to Senorella's house. The strapsisters' feet won't fit, of course.

The strapmother didn't want Senorella to win, so she dumps her in the mud hole outside. But Jose sees her legs sticking up through the window, and as the narrator says, "it fits the feet!" I like how Senorella appears beautiful again even though she's still wearing her rags. Then the two get "mucho married."

"Was that not a sad story?" the narrator asks. But his friend disagrees, saying it was a happy story. But then he asks, "What happened to the wicked strapmother?"

"Oh, that's the sad part," the narrator explains. "I marry her!"
A great punchline for this final Warner Bros. cartoon.

No "That's all, folks!" The cartoon ends with this unusual closing sequence, with the sound of Big Ben chiming, and a honking bicycle horn as the "OO" in "CARTOON" jumps up and down. After this, all cartoons using this logo replaced that strange audio sequence with an abridged version of the strange "Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" theme.

Here's a similar cartoon by the same writer and director as this short, which is also a take on the Cinderella story, but without the Mexican flavor, and a more contemporary feel... "Pink-a-Rella" from 1969, featuring the Pink Panther!

The ragged Cinderella here looks a lot like Senorella, but completely blue, and Pelvis Parsely (yep, the "prince" in this one is an Elvis parody!) resembling Jose Miguel a bit.
01 March 2015 @ 11:47 pm
Here comes a rather long post, about my second and third days at Anthro New England in Cambridge, MA!
First off, there were 757 attendees. This has become the 16th largest furry convention in the world, and there are like 80-something other conventions! DEFINITELY a larger turnout than the Maltese Fur Con last summer. I was glad to be a part of this!

A couple of pics along the railroad from when I was coming in by train Saturday morning.

Look at this MBTA GenSet yard switcher locomotive! I've never seen that before (I've mostly just seen Amtrak switchers there.)

An old MBTA GP18 diesel locomotive, currently being used to plow the snow. Also note that rusty-looking caboose there, too!

Now for the actual convention pics (and videos!)

Here's me with my new friends Hamilton Pennywise and kellogg_collie!

And of course, me with Danruk Rooface before the fursuit parade.

You can see me in the parade in this video (at the 6:51 mark):

Me with Crescent after the parade.

For a bit I went around with my portable record player, playing my 45 of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf!"

Then came the Masquerade! This was where I performed as Big Bad Wolf Daddy:

The audience loved it! I have always wanted to do a live reenactment of that number from Disney's "House of Mouse!" Many of the other acts were fun too, including Gale Frostbane's dance number and Hamilton's electric guitar performance.

We were also doing a fundraiser for Vest-a-Dog, which provides bullet-proof vests for police dogs. This is Quinn, a black Laborador retriever training to be a police dog. He sure was handsome!

Just me after dinner, going around with my Big Bad Wolf plushie. "I'll call him... Mini-Me!" (It helps I saw "Austin Powers 2" last weekend with my family, and I really enjoyed it!)

And here's me at the dance later that evening! It sure was quite the party.

Now we go to Day 3 of the convention. To make it easier on my dad, I had him drop me off at the Quincy Adams MBTA subway station, and I rode in from there (the nice early 90s 1800-series Red Line cars, too!)

It started a little uneventful, until the Fursuit Games came along!

I was on "Team Red," hence the red bandana. Here I am partaking in charades. It sure was wacky!

My team "attacks" Gale wearing one of those padded suits that people training police dogs wear.

Then came Musical Chairs! That was pretty fun; quite a few good songs too, including "Surfin' Bird," "Numa Numa," "Beat It," even Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up!" I wound up out after four rounds (in this version, there are usually two winding up out at once.) But in all this, Team Red still won!

We had my friends davidn and Chai the Corgi, along with the Vest-a-Dog mascot that we had named "Rocko!"

Another furry friend I made: Athena the barn owl! Her suit sure was cute.

Then came the closing ceremonies, with Gale and a couple of the other con directors getting pies in the face by select fursuiters! (I wonder if she got the idea from tilt_longtail?)

Me and Danruk Rooface hug each other goodbye.

The snow didn't even interfere with my travelling home!
Well, now it's time for the Big Bad Wolf to relax before Anime Boston in April!
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27 February 2015 @ 11:54 pm
So today was a day I was looking forward to most of this month! The first day of Anthro New England in Cambridge, MA! My train in was delayed, so I missed the opening ceremonies. But it wasn't that big a loss. When I arrived at the hotel, the first fursuiter I saw was my friend Danruk Rooface, from the Maltese Fur Con! Then it took a while to get my badge due to a little problem in the registration system, but we got that out of the way. My friend Gale Frostbane (whom I met at last year's mascot night at Gilette Stadium) was also there as well. Then I got into my Big Bad Wolf fursuit and was ready to mingle...

Me with MaxHusky from the Maltese Fur Con, a new friend Hamilton Pennywise, and a rather fat yellow fox!

The crow (Emazz) I met at Maltese Fur Con was there too!

I also had a bit of time at one point, so I went to the In Your Ear! record shop, as it was only a 20-minute walk from the hotel! Here's me posing with a neat LP album, as requested by the shop owner (it's got Hans Conreid, and the cover has a guy wearing a goofy wolf mask, too!) Didn't buy it though.

Instead, I bought THIS! (My existing copy was kind of scratched, so this will replace it.) Plus, it made for something great to show off at the convention, too.

Me with Ceryx the bat, back at the convention.

Me jammin' with Hamilton at the Masquerade rehearsals!

My friend Freya Crescent from last year's Boston Comic Con was there too!

Also check this out as I was getting on the train for home...
Newer MBTA HSP-46 locomotive 2002. This is the first time I was up close to one of these! Lately they've been bringing these out more due to the weather conditions. I have yet to ride a train powered by one of these locomotives yet (the train I rode on the way home was powered by one of those '70s GP40-MC locomotives, but no matter, at last it was on time!)

Tomorrow's going to have the fursuit parade and the Masquerade show, so stay tuned!
24 February 2015 @ 11:55 pm
Well, the Oscars have come and gone, but to many fans, it's become "just another awards show," and is now one of the most boring TV events of the year. And this year was no exception. Many animation fans were offended when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zoe Saldana, presenting the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, claimed animation was a "genre." That is not necessarily true; animation is simply a medium, and can be in different genres, like sci-fi, action, comedy, etc. Animation is just as much a medium as live-action filming is. And they referred to animation as being kiddie fair. That's not true; many adults like animation, and we have adult-oriented animated films ("Fritz the Cat," "Heavy Traffic," "Coonskin"), and TV shows ("The Simpsons," "South Park," "Family Guy"), showing yet another example on how animation is a medium, not a genre.

Too bad we can't have Oscar presentations like these anymore...

Or like when the Muppets did it...

Or we could at least have it done with mascots/costumed characters!

See, these were more fun for animation fans!
And there's your animation tidbit for tonight.