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04 February 2016 @ 09:20 pm
Last night, we lost another one of the great cartoon voice actors. This time, it was Joe Alaskey. He passed away of cancer at age 63.


He was known for voicing Plucky Duck of "Tiny Toon Adventures"...

...and went on to voice many male Looney Tunes characters on various projects in the 90s and 2000s, including Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety, Marvin the Martian, and others, on shows such as "The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries" and "Duck Dodgers," and on movies such as "Looney Tunes: Back in Action." Many feel that Joe was one of the best successors to Mel Blanc.
He even voiced Wile E. Coyote a couple of times, such as on the Tiny Toons episode "Psychic Fun-omenon Day"...

Yeah, I know he doesn't look right in this pic; blame Wang Film Productions in Taiwan for drawing him off-model :P

...and on one of those lame 2000s "Judge Granny" webtoons.

I will say, he was a bit closer to Mel Blanc than the new guy on "Wabbit" (J.P. Karliak) is, but not that much. (I think Kelsey Grammer might make a good Wile E. Coyote voice actor.)

One non-Warner voice I remember Joe was known for was voicing Grandpa Lou on the 1998-2004 "Rugrats" episodes, after the original voice, David Doyle, passed away in 1997.

To be fair, Joe hasn't done any Warner Bros. voices for several years now; since 2010, Warner Bros. has had Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck mainly voiced by Jeff Bergman, whom DID voice the two on "Tiny Toon Adventures."
And so we bid farewell to another great Warner Bros. Animation voice actor...
03 February 2016 @ 11:52 pm
For some reason, I find January to be the longest month of the year. Maybe because it's the first? I don't know.
But at least this January was Anthro New England! So THAT gave me something to look forward to. And while I had lots of fun there, unfortunately, I afterward came down with Con Crud. I was pretty sniffly and sneezy for days, and one night I couldn't sleep at all due to my cold. But now I'm feeling much better, I'm happy to report. Lesson learned: Wash my hands frequently when at a furry convention!

This Groundhog day was pretty good; the local official groundhog, Phil, didn't see his shadow. That means we may be getting an early spring! We have been getting some rather warm weather lately; this past Monday, it got into the mid-60s! MUCH better than last year, where the groundhog saw his shadow, and we got TEN more weeks of winter (instead of six!)

I've also been working on building the new Big Bad Wolf head. So far, I've gotten the top half of the initial layer of foam done. I will soon find a block of carving foam online and soon REALLY get down to business! (The Joann Fabrics store at the mall has some nice black fur I can use for the head.)

Also after Christmas, I ordered a Tune Squad Wile E. Coyote jersey (from "Space Jam"), in hopes I could wear it to Anthro New England 2016 (due to their "SportsBall" theme) with my Wile E. Coyote getup. Unfortunately, it didn't arrive in time; it only came in the mail two days after the con ended. But I can at least show you how he would've looked there!

Maybe I'll do this for a future con; I am please with how it looks!

Today I also filmed what will probably be my last YouTube video with the old Big Bad Wolf head, doing a review of the Disney "Robin Hood" book-and-audio read-along (with cheesy substitute voices!)

Of course, I did this in memory of the late Brian Bedford (Robin Hood's voice actor), and plus, as a connection to my "Disney Buys Out Hanna-Barbera" YouTube Poop, I could show off my Cattanooga Cats LP album as well!
24 January 2016 @ 11:46 pm
Well, today was the last day of Anthro New England 2016. But in the end, I had fun, and that's what's important. We had 965 attendees, including myself, coming from far and wide; not just from the New England area, but 35 other states, and even some international furs from a few other countries! VERY impressive.

Me with the buff tiger Ralkor!

Hey, not only does the Big Bad Wolf love ham, he loves HAMburgers too!
The reason for the leather jacket was because this was right before the Masquerade. I performed to a cheesy obscure 1950s song, "Big Bad Wolf" by Don Cherry. See it here!

I apologize for the delay at the start; there were technical difficulties before they got the music started, so my friend Cyan helped me out a bit. Once they got it started, it was quite a success! (Skip to 1:30 to see the actual performance begin, if you want.)

Here's the Big Bad Wolf in the video gaming room. In this shot, I'm playing the min-games from Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64! (Though you can't really see it, I am doing the Sandshrew "Dig, Dig, Dig" mini-game.) I also played Pokemon Snap a little while later; both games really took me back to my childhood.

Some of us fursuiters played in the snow a bit, too! At least today it wasn't snowing hard, or windy like yesterday!

Me and kellogg_collie again.

Again, we raised a lot of money for the Vest-a-Dog program (providing bulletproof vests for police dogs.) The people from the program brought their black Laborador retreiver, Quinn, a police dog-in-training, to the convention. He was really friendly and excitable, though he'd often try to bite at my 'toon gloves! (He'd mistake them for some kind of dog toy.) Quinn was so excited during the closing ceremonies, he jumped onto the table on the stage, and he'd bark happily with our applause!

Unfortunately, my Big Bad Wolf mask didn't seem to fare the trip home very well; it's looking a bit beat up after the convention. Starting this week, I'm going to begin working on a NEW Big Bad Wolf head, that will be more like an actual fursuit head, with articulated jaw!
I sure hope I can finish it in time for Anime Boston, when I re-meet with some of my furry friends there!
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23 January 2016 @ 11:56 pm
The fun continued today, with the second day of Anthro New England 2016 in Cambridge MA! It was pretty fun, except for a SNAFU which I will come to.

On the way in this morning, take a look what I saw as my train was arriving at South Station...

Behind that Amtrak Genesis locomotive is one of Amtrak's brand-new Viewliner II baggage cars. Get a load of the classic Amtrak colors on it! I think it's great that Amtrak's newest rolling stock is bringing back the "Phase 3" paint scheme of the '80s and early '90s.

Me at the convention with Kaito/Chronis Wolf and his Charizard fursuit, as I've seen at last year's Anime Boston!

Here's the Big Bad Wolf again with fellow fursuiters in the hotel lobby, including Estobhan (the gold fox), whom I met at last year's Anthro New England.

Here's the REAL Hamilton Pennywise, after last night's mix-up with Kimmerz impersonating him. He thought the photos I showed of that gambit were pretty funny!

Today at the con, due to the "SportsBall" theme, they put on a discussion panel about sport mascots. As part of it, I brought my K-O the Kangaroo plushie and novelty hat as visual aids, along with sharing stories and photos of my performances as K-O for the Brockton Rox (I also called the Rox prior to the con, to let them know I'd be putting in a good word for them!)

I also met Scurrow (wolfiegoatjerk) there, too! He and I hit it off quite a bit. It's great to get to know fellow furries outside of the Internet!.

So instead of a fursuit parade this year, we did a big fursuit group photoshoot. After a few group photos (where I was also with fellow furs like DavidN, Novar Lynx, danruk, kellogg_collie and others), we all danced together for a video shoot, to a Boston-related pop song of some sort (I forget the name of it, but I remember often hearing it at Brockton Rox games), and then "Sweet Caroline!" But in the process, the nose on my Big Bad Wolf mask nearly fell off during the fursuit group photo session. Then a bunch of us played outside in the snow, and it was fun, even with my wardrobe malfunction.

So I initially had a temporary repair solution, with duct tape...

"Don't you DARE make fun of my nose!"

Even with his nose temporarily stuck back on with duct tape, the Big Bad Wolf still managed to have fun. Here I'm going around with my record player, playing the "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" track on my "Cartoon Disco/Saturday Morning Fever" LP.
After that, with the aid of a glue gun, I managed to fix the nose on the wolf's head. But once the con is over, I'm going to start working on a new head for the Big Bad Wolf, done more like a REAL fursuit head! No more slacking off; I'm definitely going to do it this time, now that I have the funds. Hopefully I can finish it in time for Anime Boston near the end of March!

Here's me with another new friend I made at Anthro New England 2016: Beeton Raccoon! He and I hit it off quite a bit, during the fursuit games yesterday evening.

You know that snowstorm that's been hitting the East Coast? Well, it came up to the eastern Massachusetts area, so here's a pic of me, the Big Bad Wolf, looking out the window as the sun sets and the snow begins to fall more. Fortunately, we're not getting as much snow as south of us did! It didn't even really interfere with my traveling home that evening, as I got to South Station in plenty of time, and the train back to Brockton ran on time, too. But it sure was cold and windy!

Now stay tuned for tomorrow, which will feature the masquerade and the closing ceremonies!
22 January 2016 @ 11:57 pm

Well, I just returned from the first day of Anthro New England 2016, and so far, it's lots of fun! Met up with old friends, made a couple new ones so far, and more!
This time, I made it for the opening ceremonies, since they were scheduled for 10:30 AM, and I took the 8:25 AM train from the Campello station into Boston, which was running on time. (On the train ride, I listened to "I Want to Remember This" from "Bon Voyage Charlie Brown" to get in the mood.) Getting my con badge was a snap this year, and then I put my Big Bad Wolf suit on and was ready to mingle and have fun!

Me with my friend davidn after the opening ceremonies.

Taking a bite out of Chronis's bacon...

I also went over to the "In Your Ear" record store for a bit and bought some 45s. Maybe I'll play them at the convention tomorrow!

Me with my friend Freya-Crescent and his wife Glitch!

Another friend of mine, Novar Lynx, at his first furry con!

And of course my friend danruk was there too!

We also had the fursuit games this evening, only they were crazier than last year! Here's me participating in a scooter "relay race" of sorts. I was glad I got chosen to be part of the fursuit games (as they could only pick a certain amount of fursuiters for it), and I was in the Green team this year. We didn't win, but I still had fun.
Before the event began, they were playing some Disney songs! I heard "Friend Like Me," "It's a Small World" (ech), "When I See an Elephant Fly" from "Dumbo," "Bella Notte" from "Lady and the Tramp," and "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast!" We had fun acting out to them.

Me with Fibre Kitty, whom was also in the fursuit games last year. He got a new head recently. I plan to start making the new Big Bad Wolf head this Februrary.

A girl was going around wearing Hamilton Pennywise's fursuit, so that lead to a little bit of mistaken identity! :P

My friend Elbi from the Maltese Fur Con 2014 was there, too! It was great to see her again. She and I had a lot of fun at the dance/rave this evening.

Now to rest up for the rest of the con. It sure is fun while it lasts!

21 January 2016 @ 11:48 pm
Last year, Bachmann Trains, in cooperation with BlueRail Trains, came out with something revolutionary in the model railroad market: HO-scale locomotives that are controlled by Bluetooth-capable devices! Bachmann has their "E-Z App" to control them (a free download), and has three different types of locomotives like this available on the market currently (in several different roadnames, of course), and even a full train set for those starting out in the hobby!
It all looked pretty appealing. And then once I was able to afford one, I bought a Bluetooth-equipped GP35 locomotive! (Naturally, I got the BNSF one, as that's the freight railroad I usually model.)

Look at that detail! The GP35 originally started out in the "Bachmann Plus" line of higher-quality locomotives Bachmann made in the early-to-mid 90s, which would explain some of the extra details on it compared to some of the base-line BNSF locomotives like the GP40 or the FTA (though the GP40s have been improved over time.)

It was pretty simple to set up. The app currently only works with IOS devices, and since I had an iPod Touch, that made things easy. (An Android version will soon come out, and I'll probably download that for my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.)
But once I put the locomotive on the track initially, while the track was powered up (it will work with analog and DCC systems without conflict), it initially began speeding down the track! Fortunately, there were no obstructions in the way, so I was able to cut the power temporarily while I opened up the E-Z App. After that, I caught on to running it very easily! Train sounds are even broadcast through the iPod Touch! So then I hooked the locomotive up to the line of freight cars I had on a siding, and was all set!

It sure was incredible. I was able to operate the train via full wireless walkaround control; something I previously couldn't do. I also shot a video of my rail operations this way...

I sure am amazed at how much model railroading has come a long way since I was a kid...
13 January 2016 @ 09:58 pm
I learned from someone on YouTube that Brian Bedford has died. He was 80. Animation fans mostly remember him as the voice of Disney's Robin Hood.

It's also worth noting he was often known for his drag roles, which is probably why they had Robin Hood cross-dress in the film as a female fortune teller, complete with pulling off a decent female voice.

At least he doesn't really flirt with any males that much while in drag. Unlike Little John...

Robin Hood was, and will always be, one of my favorite male Disney heroes. Great personality, design and voice-acting.
Of course, being a furry also made it easy to do a YouTube Poop of the film! Here's an alternate take I did on one of the chase scenes, with music by the Cattanooga Cats!

R.I.P. to the man that gave us Robin Hood's voice...
11 January 2016 @ 11:40 pm
I can't believe we're already eleven days into the new year, and we've already had quite a few deaths.

First, the death of Natalie Cole, the daughter of Nat King Cole. But I don't know much about that, as I never listened to her music.
But then there was the death of actor Pat Harrington Jr. As a kid, I mostly remembered him from the old "Inspector" cartoons produced by DePatie-Freleng, where he voiced the titular character, a little French inspector (loosely based off Clouseau), and his partner Sergeant Deux-Deux.

Sure, even if most of the short's dialogue was Pat Harrington Jr. talking to himself, they were still pretty fun. A memorable running gag was, due to Sergeant Deux-Deux being Spanish, he'd often say "Si." To which the Inspector corrects him, "Don't say 'si,' say 'oui!'" Then the Sergeant usually responds, "Si, I mean, oui."

Another veteran actor, Richard Libertini, passed away yesterday. But being a 90s kid, I mostly remember him voicing Wally Llama in that "Animaniacs" episode...
no title

And today, we lost David Bowie! My parents liked his songs. And I have a copy of "ChangesBowie" on vinyl, too, so I played "Space Oddity" tonight in memory of him; that was my favorite song he did. I also did a music video of "Calvin and Hobbes" set to it, way back in 2009...

May they all rest in peace...
I was watching some Rugrats episodes recently, and in the episode "Angelica Nose Best," we see that Grandpa Lou has set up a read-along book-and-tape set for Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil to listen to and enjoy. The story is "Pinocchio," and is a pop-up book with an accompanying audio cassette, in their childrens' tape player.

They are at the part where Pinocchio's nose grows. They enjoy seeing Pinocchio's nose get bigger with each lie he tells, as the female narrator on the cassette tells the story. The signal for turning the page is simply the narrator saying "Turn the page," instead of a distinct sound effect or some other cue. Lil enjoys the "turn the page" parts, as seeing what's on the next page takes her by surprise.

Later, the babies come to Angelica saying their "book broke." In this case, the cassette player malfunctioned and got tape everywhere. At least records don't have that problem!

A book-and-audio read-along with a page-turn cue that's just the narrator saying "Turn the page?" That's just like the read-alongs produced by Golden Records and Wonder Records from the 50s to the 80s!

With the success of the Capitol Record Reader book-and-record sets, Golden Books and their record division soon responded with their own version, as "Little Golden Book and Record" sets, distributed by A.A Records. It'd consist of a Golden book (sometimes one of their existing popular titles, sometimes a new one produced for record) and an accompanying record (originally on small 78s, but later on 45 by the late 50s) featuring a narrator (sometimes two) reading the entire story, accompanied by background music and occasional sound effects (some titles had sparse music and/or no sound effects at all.) Instead of a separate chime or tone, the narrator would simply say "Turn the page" or some variation at the proper times, as well as telling you to turn the record over at the end of the first side. I borrowed a couple from the local hobby shop's collection to test them out on my record player. (The "Wizard of Oz" one actually has Art Carney narrating the story!)

Some time in the 60s, A.A. Records also began distributing similar read alongs of "Wonder Books," which seemed to be a knock-off of the Little Golden Books. These were identical to the Golden read-alongs, but replacing "Golden" with "Wonder."

Note the redundancy on the cover: "a special special record"?! Later printings of these read-alongs would correct it.
Some time in the early-to-mid 70s, A.A. Records apparently lost the rights with Golden/Western Publishing, so they only distributed the Wonder read-alongs (later rebranded as Wonderland Records.) By the late 70s, they were also being released on cassette as well (just like that "Pinocchio" read-along the Rugrats listened to!)

Just to show how similar the two were, despite being different "brands."

The "Puff the Magic Dragon" Wonder story from 1966 is cute, but it has very little in common with the song by Peter, Paul and Mary. The song isn't even heard on the record/tape!

After breaking off from A.A. Records, Golden Books soon began releasing a new set of read-alongs on vinyl and cassette, but this time, they were co-produced and distributed by Disneyland Records!

It makes sense, as Western Publishing did have a hand in Disney's read-alongs of the time. These new Golden read-alongs would have a full voice cast, and more music and sound effects, and a distinct "turn the page" sound effect (usually one relating to the story.) Each release also had a couple of songs relating to the story, often original ones written (and sometimes performed) by Larry Groce. In fact, here's a video I shot back in 2014, where I have Mushu the dragon (done by puppetry) review that "There's No Such Thing as a Dragon" read-along!
01 January 2016 @ 10:59 pm
Yep, once again, it's a new year. So let's celebrate with my YouTube Poop of "Arthur's New Years' Eve!"

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